Dua Lipa Gets Soulful On New Track “Room For 2”


Dua Lipa is showcasing herself as an artist who is talented in numerous aspects of the pop game. While her hit single, “Blow Your Mind (Mwah),” takes a conventional mainstream approach, she turns things up a notch on the soulful new track, “Room for 2,” proving that no two tracks on her upcoming album are going to be alike.

While she keeps a heavy dance vibe on a lot of the songs that we’ve heard so far (“Hotter Than Hell,” “Last Dance”), “Room for 2” is diverse in all of the best ways possible. It’s a slow build throughout, and the real instrument here is Lipa’s vocals rather than what is going on the background – but the piano that chimes in midway through helps the track grab its own identity even more.

With an upcoming release schedule that’s jam packed with some of the best music that female pop has to offer, Dua Lipa is finding ways to stand out from her peers. Her self-titled debut album doesn’t arrive until February 10th of next year, so while it’s a wait that nobody is happy with, it just gives her more time to solidify an even stronger following than she’s already formulated over the past few years.

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