Eric Prydz Announces Plans For EPIC 5.0


Eric Prydz is one of the hardest working DJs in the game. In 2016 alone we’ve seen the Swedish producer drop his debut album, release two EPs under his Cirez D Moniker and tease new material for his Pryda project. As if his staggering release schedule wasn’t enough to keep fans busy, Prydz has now revealed that he has some big things in store for his renowned EPIC show.

Eric Prydz has established the EPIC brand as one of the most cutting edge live productions you’ll find in dance music, with EPIC 3.0 pushing the envelope with 3D visuals, only to be topped last year with 4.0’s holographic set up. With the announcement of EPIC 5.0, we can only imagine what the progressive house legend has in store for fans.

Speaking with Insomniac head honcho Pasquale Rotella on his Night Owl radio show, Eric Prydz revealed that he and his team are preparing to roll out EPIC 5.0 with a design that he claims will be mind blowing.

We are currently working crazy on Epic 5.0. I can’t give that much more information away. We’re taking it super serious now. Whenever the show comes out, it’s going to blow your head off.

We don’t have much to go off, but we do know EPIC 5.0 will deliver a “technology-based extension of the music.” Whatever Eric Prydz has up his sleeves, we can’t wait to go along for the ride.

For more, check out the full interview above, starting around the 31 minute mark.