Eric Prydz Announces He Will Release “Lillo” Tribute Song Soon


Last month we reported on a story about James Lillo, a terminally ill man whose dying wish was to see his favorite DJ Eric Prydz perform one last time. The story’s tragic nature swept up dance music fans, leading to Prydz agreeing to put on a show in honor of Lillo, with all proceeds to be donated to a charity of his choosing. Sadly, Lillo passed away before he could attend the concert, making the whole thing that much more tragic.

Despite Lillo’s passing, Prydz still held true to his word and put on the show over the weekend, raising over $60,000 for charity in the process. He also dropped a stunning new tribute song for James Lillo during the performance, which was captured on video and made its rounds on the internet throughout the week.

During his latest episode of EPIC radio this week, Prydz sprinkled his mix with plenty of unreleased material, including the tribute song, which he revealed will be released in a few days, with all proceeds from the song to be donated to James’ chosen charity The Cancer Research Institute.

You can take a listen to “Lillo” above starting around the 55 minute mark, and stay tuned for the song to be released in the very near future.