Eric Prydz Dedicates New Track To Late Superfan


Last month we reported that Eric Prydz had agreed to grant the wish of a terminally ill fan named James Lillo to see the DJ play one last time. Once Prydz’ team caught wind of the story, the producer offered to not only perform in the fan’s honor, but to donate all proceeds from the show to a charity of his choosing as well. It was a story that was both heartwarming and heartbreaking, compounded by the fact that Lillo passed away before Prydz was able to fulfill his wish.

In light of Lillo’s passing, Eric Prydz has dedicated an unreleased ID to his memory. The DJ dropped the song in his set over the weekend at Sound Nightclub, and a low quality video of the ID has now surfaced on YouTube. The track features an uplifting sound, complete with emotive synth arpeggios, cascading chord progressions and four on the floor rhythms.

The tune has been dubbed “Lillo ID3” and serves as a fitting tribute to a fan who wanted nothing more than to see his favorite DJ play one last time. While it’s unfortunate that Eric Prydz wasn’t able to make good on his promise before Lillo’s passing, the dedication of one of his songs to a true superfan is heartwarming to say the least.