ETC!ETC! Drops Unreleased Getter And Skrillex Remix At EZOO


During his set at New York’s Electric Zoo festival over the weekend, ETC!ETC! unleashed a previously unheard Getter remix for the massive crowds. The rowdy dubstep number is a remix of Skrillex and Valentino Khan’s “Slam Dunk,” which was released earlier in the year after months of anticipation, and features all the signifiers of a classic bass heavy Getter workout.

The “Slam Dunk” remix opens with a drawn out build up, with ETC!ETC! taking to the mic to signal the drop as metallic bass synths fill the speakers. The rework features the kind of spastic, robotic rhythms we’ve come to expect from Getter’s dubstep work, as punchy drums pound out a head nodding beat beneath.

While the remix has plenty of dancefloor firepower, you shouldn’t get too excited just yet. During a Twitter takeover for NVConcepts, Getter revealed that the “Slam Dunk” flip was made with Skrillex himself as a throwaway remix that will likely never see the light of day, save for the live audio rip above. That being said, the remix is currently making the rounds on the dance music blogosphere, so never say never.

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