Excision Drops His New Album Virus


After dropping the latest edition of his long running annual Shambhala mix series to great acclaim, Excision revealed in the first half of the month that the follow up to last year’s Codename X would be arriving soon. Now, the Canadian bass music producer is back with his third full length studio offering Virus, a high octane collection of sixteen blaring dancefloor heaters that spans the gamut of EDM’s heaviest sub genres.

Virus keeps the energy going full force throughout its lengthy tracklist, touching on dubstep, trap, drum and bass and everything in between along the way. Excision’s carefully crafted bass productions arrive in full force on the new album, with hard hitters like “The Paradox,” “Throwin’ Elbows” and “Generator” offering up pummelling rhythms and plenty of subwoofer firepower.

“Mirror” takes things into bass house territory with four on the floor beats and growling synths, while “Her” goes off course in a surprisingly melodic direction. Excision brings the album to a fitting close with Dion Timmer and Datsik on “Harambe,” a tune that references the late but ever relevant gorilla while dishing up stuttering bass riffs and punchy drum hits.

Virus will satisfy fans with its strong collection of aggressive dubstep cuts, while the stylistic variation present throughout makes for a memorable listen. Excision is at the top of his game on his latest LP and this is one release you won’t want to sleep on.

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