Flume And Tove Lo’s “Say It” Gets A Visually Striking Music Video


After making fans wait four years for a new album after the release of his self-titled debut, Aussie producer Flume finally delivered his follow up LP, Skin, earlier in the year, offering up a sprawling collection of pop collabs and future bass tracks. Among the best vocal collaborations on the album was Flume’s joint effort with Tove Lo. “Say It” quickly became one of the top EDM tracks of the year, with its crashing rhythms, seductive synths and bittersweet vocal delivery from the Swedish pop singer, and today the song is back on our mind as it receives an official music video.

The video for “Say It” features a simple but visually striking concept, as an astronaut like figure performs a series of gravity defying acrobatics against the surface of a skyscraper. As the figure repels against the glassy, window like surface and flips throughout the air, a second character adorned in a polygonal diamond suit enters the frame and joins them. They then continue to spiral through the air throughout the rest of the clip, creating a disorienting but eye catching visual tie-in for the song, though how it relates to the music itself is anyone’s guess.

In addition to releasing the new “Say It” clip, Flume‘s music was set to another video earlier in the week as he granted his upcoming song “Heater” for use in a protest campaign against Sydney’s lockout laws. That song is set to be featured on the upcoming Skin Companion EP, which is due out in November.

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