Listen To Previews Of Flume’s Skin Companion EP


Flume dropped a bomb last week when he announced he would be dropping an upcoming Skin Companion EP, serving as a follow-up release to his celebrated sophomore album. The four track EP is set to be released in November as a vinyl exclusive, which will be available at a number of notable indie record stores around the world.

One question on everyone’s mind when the EP was announced was whether or not it would include any of the unreleased material that was first heard on the Skin LP preview, and now that we have a tracklist, that question has been answered. “Heater” from the preview will feature on the collection, along with “Trust,” “V,” and “Quirk.”

Thanks to Record Store Day, a preview for each track set to be featured on Flume‘s Skin Companion EP has been uploaded for your listening pleasure, and can be heard here. Give them a listen and be sure to drop a comment below letting us know what you think.

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