Flume To Release Skin Companion EP


Following up on the enormous success of his sophomore album Skin, Flume has announced that he will be releasing an upcoming companion EP for the record. Digital listeners may have to broaden their horizons to enjoy the forthcoming release, however, as the Aussie producer has revealed the EP will be a vinyl only release, so start shopping for a record player now.

Speaking about the companion EP, Flume stated “I wanted to share some more music that was written around the same time [as Skin].” Hopefully this will include the material that surfaced on the Skin teaser, but wasn’t present on the album itself. The announcement reveals that the EP will drop in November exclusively on vinyl and will be available for purchase at some of the most well known indie record stores around the world.

Fans should also note that the announcement refers to the upcoming EP as the first Skin companion, implying that multiple EPs are in store.

Earlier this week, Flume shared a brief audio preview of the upcoming Skin companion, which you can listen to below.