Galantis Drop A Remix EP For Their Single “Love On Me”


Back in September, Galantis debuted their latest single “Love On Me,” a collaboration with Hook N Sling that blew fans away with its poppy production and irresistible groove. Now the song is back on our minds as the Swedish duo unleash a remix collection for “Love On Me,” featuring five new reworks from Ookay, Peter Bjorn and John, Madison Mars, CID, and Alex Metric.

For the new EP, “Love On Me” gets a diverse collection of remixes that take the song in a number of different directions. Ookay delivers an upbeat moombah influenced arrangement, complete with slowed down four on the floor beats and blippy synths juxtaposed against the familiar elements from the original. CID opts for a future house flavored rework, offering up bouncy basslines, pitch shifted vocals and driving drum patterns.

Madison Mars takes a similar course with an upbeat remix complete with offbeat synth stabs and uplifting melodies, while Alex Metric brings a funk influenced re-imagining to the table. Finally, Peter Bjorn and John take a soulful direction with their mix as well, placing emphasis on the disco influenced instrumentation for a fairly live sounding rendition.

With plenty of diversity and a number of top notch reworks, the “Love On Me” EP is a suitable follow up to Galantis‘ latest hit.