Green Day Are “Still Breathing” In New Music Video


After getting framed for bank robbery in their last music video for “Bang Bang,” Green Day take a different route in their emotional new video for “Still Breathing.” The song is taken off their latest record, Revolution Radio, and if you’re looking for a Green Day track with a pop edge that cements itself in your head, here you have it.

The “Still Breathing” video finds frontman Billie Joe Armstrong at his lowest, but through it all, he still finds a way to persevere by the end. Given the fact that the song’s lyrics allude to past addictions that Armstrong dealt with in real life, the video probably shares some emotions that he was going through back then, too. Though Green Day are the masters of videos that are high intensity and in your face, meaningful ones like “Still Breathing” are part of the reason why the band is still highly touted as one of the best in the genre.

It helps that their Revolution Radio record is some of the best material from Green Day that we’ve seen yet, and it shows us that after two decades in the game, they haven’t lost their spark. Judging by their new music video, they haven’t lost their creativity, either.