HARD Day Of The Dead’s Lineup May Have Leaked



What a convenient time for  a “leak.”

Annual HARD Halloween party, Day of the Dead, is slated to return on October 31st and November 1st, and if the blogosphere buzz is any indicator, its full lineup may have found its way to fans a little early.

The presentation of the lineup details seems perhaps a bit too similar in its organization to previous years’ flyers to be an actual leak, and it’s only out slightly before the time that last year’s announcement was made. While skimming the names, though, something jumps out that confirms it: One of the headliners is billed as “ZHU: GENISYS PROJECT.”

It’s been a while since we heard anything from ZHU’s camp; following his BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix earlier in the year he’s remained silent on the release front. Nobody outside of his inner circle has heard of his “Genisys Project,” and that’s why the delivery of this information follows his modus operandi to a T.

As with his famous slow identity reveal or the Proximity submission of “Slowly,” his management is allowing the information to trickle out through a clever sort of non-marketing. It obviously works, too, considering that ZHU has found himself the focal point of this as well as numerous other articles about the lineup “leak.”

Nonetheless, with an eclectic collection of names that includes the likes of Skrillex, Amon Tobin, Get Real and Tuskegee, HARD Day of the Dead promises an occasion not to be missed. Look over the lineup “leak” below and let us tell us whether you plan to make it out to the event in the comments section.


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