Hoodie Allen Drops New Single Dumb For You


Despite Hoodie Allen’s new album People Keep Talking dropping in only a few short weeks, October 14th to be exact, the rapper continues to reward his fans by steadily releasing content before the big date. We’ve already heard his song Movie, which was unleashed a few weeks back with an accompanying music video, and that’s after Show Me What You’re Made Of brought its Caddyshack charm to anxious fans. Continuing his streak of generosity, Hoodie has just released a new song titled Dumb For You on iTunes, which is now downloadable if you pre-ordered People Keep Talking.

Compared to the first two singles, Dumb For You brings a smoother R&B vibe that’s more of a romantic croon than the first two songs that embody a much more up-tempo level (albeit with a certain message). Don’t get me wrong, it still has a killer vibe that showcases how having a full band is only elevating Hoodie’s sound, but it’s just a different direction in comparison. We get another catchy chorus being echoed, a groovy guitar hook, and another verbal breakdown without the fast-paced speed he’s been recently reaching.

I also think it’s worth noting that in a matter of hours, the Hoodie Mob made Dumb For You the Number #1 song on the iTunes Hip Hop chart:

Yes, the man could be a certifiable dictator if he wanted, being held up by his hordes of fans, but instead he decides to make killer music for the masses – trading world domination for a musical takeover.

If you haven’t pre-ordered People Keep Talking yet, Dumb For You is just another reason to – not like the insane amount of giveaways wasn’t enough. Sure, you might find it strange that songs are being unveiled with still a month ago, but in a time where musicians are releasing entire playlists on YouTube days before albums drop, Hoodie’s method creates a constant buzz that keeps his name fresh in the minds of music lovers – not like the Hoodie Mob needs a reminder, though.

Be sure to download Dumb For You on iTunes, or if you’ve already pre-ordered People Keep Talking, go pick up the fresh track ASAP and let us know what you think about the new tune!

Source: Twitter