Hoodie Allen Takes Us To The Movies With Brand New Single

Hoodie Allen Movie 2

With the release of his brand new album, People Keep Talking, slated for October 14th, it looks like Hoodie Allen wants to butter us up with a date to the movies before the big day hits. Allen has already shown us what he’s made of with the release of his first single off the upcoming album, aptly titled “Show Me What You’re Made Of,” and today Hoodie celebrated People Keep Talking‘s pre-order date by unleashing a second unheard single, “Movie.”

Accompanying the brand new single is a film-inspired music video that runs a gamut of genres, because as you can guess, “Movie” is absolutely loaded with references to popular cinema and television. While most of the video showcases Hoodie wooing his “leading lady beauty,” he does so by recreating genres such as film noir, romance and action – more specifically The Shining, Wes Anderson, and Michael Bay. As a film critic, I’ve always appreciated his references, but having a whole song devoted to nothing but film makes “Movie” my favorite video to date – and the song ain’t too shabby, either.

When you compare a song like “Movie” to his earlier work, going back to something like “You Are Not A Robot,” it’s impossible to ignore the musical maturation that has taken place over time. Not only is Hoodie now creating swanky hooks, akin to an infectious chorus, but he’s also able to riff quick, crazy and frantic verses at breakneck speed. His songs are becoming more versatile with every album, especially when supported by his talented bandmates, as “Movie” includes sexy trumpet hooks and a guitar lick reminiscent to James Bond (not referring to the chords being continuously strummed).

With every day that passes, Hoodie Allen gains more confidence not only as a technical musician, but also as an entertaining performer. If “Show Me What You’re Made Of” and “Movie” are any indication of People Keep Talking‘s overall vibe, there’s no doubt in my mind that Hoodie’s latest will also stand as his best work yet. Hoodie’s raps are exploding with unparalleled swagger, unique style, and lyrical punnery, setting him apart from more lifeless acts who are auto-tuning their way to “fame” (some of which have even decided to foolishly strike a feud with the superior talent). Hoodie is a showman, the real deal, and he continues to prove so with every new song he unveils, only increasing anticipation as October 14th approaches.

For your viewing pleasure, here is the video for Hoodie Allen’s latest single:

What do you think of Hoodie Allen’s new song? Is People Keep Talking going to set the bar yet again for this ambitious young rapper?