Infected Mushroom’s Fields Of Grey Features An Unexpected Vocalist


Rock-influenced Israeli psytrance outfit Infected Mushroom have been quiet on the release front for the past couple years, so it comes as no surprise that they would want to make a bold statement while announcing their upcoming album. The first track they’ve let trickle out is “Fields of Grey,” featuring vocals by none other than adult film actress-turned DJ Sasha Grey.

While capitalizing on the celebrity of a porn star seems an awful lot like something Styles&Complete would do (oh yeah, because they did), Grey’s vocal sample works well within the context of “Fields of Grey.” The heavily edited clips compliment the complextro energy of the rest of the arrangement, which seems oddly akin in production technique to some of Nero’s recent releases.

“Fields of Grey” is one of 15 tracks on Infected Mushroom‘s upcoming album, Converting Vegetarians II – the sequel to their 2003 album Converting Vegetarians. If you like what you hear above, make sure to pre-order it on iTunes.