Jauz Continues Shark Week With Funky New Original “Goodiez”


Shark Week is turning out to be exactly what I was hoping for: A solid week of daily Jauz releases. The L.A. bass house pioneer kicked off his Discovery Channel appropriation with a remix of DJ Snake’s “Propaganda,” and he’s followed it up with an original track from the opposite end of the electronic music spectrum.

“Goodiez” is undeniably house. Not bass house, electro house, or future house; this track delivers the funky sort of groove that you might hear mixed into a DJ Dan set in a cramped warehouse. In all fairness, the sound design elements give it more of a contemporary EDM feel, but its classic influences shine through all the same.

Jauz has never fully embraced the bass house genre that spawned from his 2014 track, “Feel The Volume.” His live sets typically consist of far more dubstep and other bass music – but perhaps “Goodiez” might indicate a turning tide for the artist.

Either way, it stands to reason that Jauz‘s fanbase will have a better idea of his latest musical inclinations by the end of Shark Week.