Bassjackers And Jay Hardway Team Up On Festival-Ready “El Mariachi”


Now that we’re in the busiest stretch of festival season, it’s clear that high-energy bangers still have their place in the contemporary electronic music landscape. Bassjackers and Jay Hardway recognize this, and their new collaboration, “El Mariachi,” stands as evidence.

A progressive house track built on the foundation of a vaguely Latin-infused chord progression, “El Mariachi” builds up to a brass-bolstered drop with thunderous bass kicks characteristic of Bassjackers’ other releases. At the second buildup, however, a triumphant synth lead evokes more of the melody that Jay Hardway’s fan base might have been looking forward to.

“El Mariachi” by Bassjackers and Jay Hardway is out now by way of Spinnin’ Records – after the three artists teased it with a track preview three weeks ago. With Tomorrowland Belgium only a month away, you can expect each camp to turn out additional releases in the weeks to follow as well.