Bassjackers And Jay Hardway Tease Their Upcoming Single “El Mariachi”


Bassjackers and Jay Hardway are teaming up on a new single together that draws influence from traditional Mexican music. “El Mariachi” is an upcoming collaboration between the two producers, who took to SoundCloud this week to drop a minute and a half long preview ahead of the official release next month.

“El Mariachi” kicks off with a drawn out progressive chord sequence and a spidery piano melody. The production pair gradually mix in a synthesized lead and rising claps, dragging out the build up to sustain the energy as long as possible. The preview of “El Mariachi” ends abruptly, teasing fans with just a brief taste of the electrifying drops, which feature massive club kicks and a pounding horn section.

The teaser for the forthcoming single might cut to silence suddenly, but it’s certainly enough to clue fans in that Bassjackers and Jay Hardway have a solid release up their sleeves. Look for the full track to drop on June 20 via Spinnin’ Records.

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