Jenaux Delivers Gives 3LAU’s “Is It Love” A Funky Remix


Jenaux‘s releases have picked up steam since he dropped another original single in the form of last month’s “Get It On,” and to build even more momentum he’s now followed it up by remixing a track that’s been making its rounds. 3LAU’s “Is It Love” has resonated with quite a few music fans in the short time it’s been out, but this “big room funk” version paints it in beautifully different strokes.

Jenaux made a strategic decision to begin his remix of “Is It Love” with Yeah Boy’s instantly recognizable vocal in its nearly un-adulterated state. Dreamy melodic elements then build up to the funky guitar riffs characteristic of his “big room funk” style, interspersed with tranquil piano interludes that offer an effective counterbalance.

Jenaux’s made a complete stylistic 180 since his debut progressive house single, “Renegades,” which came out through Enhanced Music early last year. He’s certainly grown into his new sound in the time since, but given that so much of his music features such similar elements it runs the risk of becoming stale if he doesn’t make it a point to keep innovating.

As of right now, though, Jenaux‘s remix of 3LAU’s “Is It Love” makes for a poignant reimagining of the source material and we’re definitely looking forward to hearing more from him in the months to come.