John Mayer Releases New Single Off Upcoming Album


John Mayer’s teasing comes to a close today with the release of his new single, “Love on the Weekend.” After alluding to a new song or possible album release a week ago, the track arrives to the delight of fans everywhere. Obviously, there was no surprise record to be found, but Mayer has said one would be arriving next year.

“Love on the Weekend” is a beautiful return to his pop-rock days found in Continuum and Battle Studies. While the country-rock/folk/Americana elements that were prevalent throughout Born and Raised and Paradise Valley were admirable, his poppier laidback tracks ultimately work out better for him. Featuring keys and a steady drum beat, the song is classic Mayer and hopefully a solid look into what we can expect from the next record.

The artist revealed plans for a new album in a Facebook live stream, where he mentioned that 2017 will include more new music than he’s “ever put out in one year.” That could mean a number of things – maybe it’s in reference to a second album coming, or perhaps he’s going to be releasing the debut record for his blues group, The John Mayer Trio. For now, we should probably just get ready for John Mayer’s announced album, which is going to be titled The Search for Everything.