Justice To Drop First Essential Mix Since 2007 This Weekend


With just a couple of weeks left until the release of Justice‘s long awaited third studio album, it’s safe to say that anticipation for the French duo’s follow up to 2011’s Audio, Video, Disco has hit an all time high. So far, we’ve heard three samples of the forthcoming Woman LP, with tracks like “Safe and Sound,” “Randy” and “Alakazam” setting the impression that we’re in store for a huge record.

With the hype for Woman reaching new heights over the last few months, Justice have now revealed that they’ll be dropping their first essential mix since 2007 over the weekend. On Saturday, November 12, the duo will return to BBC Radio 1 for the follow up to their mix from nine years ago, which came out around the time of the Grammy nominated Cross album.

The last time Justice dropped an essential mix, they treated listeners to a wealth of unreleased material, and naturally, fans are hoping for the same treatment this go around. Whether we’ll get any further previews of Woman during their new essential mix remains to be seen, but we’re sure it will be an epic set either way.