Justice Drop New Single “Randy” And Confirm Album Title


Earlier in the week, Justice took to Facebook to share some new artwork, prompting speculation that we were bearing witness to the cover of their hotly anticipated upcoming album. It’s been five years since their last full length effort, but we now have confirmation that the wait is finally drawing to a close, as today sees the release of a new single and a few more details about their third studio album Woman.

Following up on the first single from the album, “Safe and Sound,” Justice are back with a new offering dubbed “Randy.” The duo’s latest song delivers the goods with a funk tinged electro production, with grinding synth bass layered over a steady beat as falsetto vocals courtesy of Morgan Phalen take over.

The new single was premiered on Annie Mac’s BBC Radio 1 show, where she spoke with Xavier de Rosnay of Justice, who confirmed that the upcoming record is due to drop in mid November. He also spoke about future live efforts for the group, stating that they’re “stopping right now to work on the live shows” and expect to hit the road sometime next year.

Additionally, Rosnay offered up some insight into the creation of their new single “Randy.”

‘RANDY’ started as an industrial techno track but we were in such a good mood that day that we ended up making it joyful, uplifting — as if you’re in the car with your best friends, your lovers, your kids, in the summer. that’s a bit of the feeling of the whole record I guess.” In regards to the album direction, he further added: “the general mood was to make a very welcoming record.

If the Amazon and Wikipedia listings for Woman are accurate, the album will hit shelves on November 18, though the exact date hasn’t been confirmed by Justice yet. Either way, the long awaited follow-up to Audio, Video, Disco is just a handful of weeks away.

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