Justice Release New Video For “Randy”


With just a few weeks left until the release of their upcoming new album, Justice have dropped the first music video for Woman, teaming up with live installation artist Thomas Jumin to direct a clip for the LP’s second single “Randy.”

The “Randy” video exhibits an interesting concept that utilizes a wall of 25 television sets which have all been synchronized to flash visuals in rhythm with the music. Patterns of light splash across the grid of TVs as the song’s lyrics appear on screen as they’re sung. As “Randy” moves into its instrumental sections, we’re treated to sweeping, cinematic shots of natural footage, as well as some interesting shots of hands dancing across keyboards and guitars to deliver the tune’s melodies.

The art installation vibes of the new video suit the song well, while the mix of stunning nature footage, music performance shots and stark, glitchy text displays converge to create an eye catching visual accompaniment for “Randy.”

Now that the upcoming Justice album has its first music video, it’s safe to say the hype machine is in full swing as we wait for the full effort to arrive.

Woman will be released on November 18 and is available for pre-order here.