Justice’s Third Studio Album Is Finally Here


Justice‘s third studio album has been one of the most anticipated records of 2016, with fans waiting years for a follow up to 2011’s Audio, Video, Disco. Now, at long last, the wait is finally over as the French duo’s latest record, Woman officially hits the shelves today. After giving it a few listens, the verdict is in and we’re happy to say that we couldn’t be more satisfied with the results after such a drawn out build up.

Leading up to the release of the new record, fans were treated to a total of three singles, with “Safe And Sound,” “Randy” and “Alakazam” serving as our first tastes of the LP. Upon listening to the other seven tracks present on the album, it’s clear that Justice have another masterpiece on their hands.

Throughout Woman‘s tracklist, the blog house pioneers work their finest post-disco magic on a slew of upbeat dance cuts. Tracks like “Pleasure” and “Fire” are classic Justice fare, complete with funky instrumentation and retro vibes juxtaposed against high energy rhythms.

Other tunes, such as “Heavy Metal” are a bit more experimental, with John Carpenter-esque synths and arpeggiating harpsichord stabs creating an ominous backdrop. Album closer “Close Call,” meanwhile, serves as an ethereal ending to the new work, with eerie choral elements, subdued percussion and some interesting melodic content.

Hungry fans yearning for the classic Justice sound won’t be disappointed with the new work, as the duo keep things interesting with some more adventurous material sprinkled throughout. Suffice to say, their latest effort was definitely worth the wait, and you can expect to see Woman grace a number of “best of” lists for 2016.