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Kanye West’s Instagram account suspended for bullying Pete Davidson

The iconic musician has been suspended from Instagram following multiple attacks on Pete Davidson and others.

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Kanye West, otherwise known as Ye, has had his Instagram account suspended for 24 hours for bullying.

The move comes following Ye’s posts attacking Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson who is now seeing his ex-wife Kim Kardashian.

According to a Meta spokesperson who shared the decision with TMZ, West’s latest posts have violated Instagram’s policies on hate speech, harassment, and bullying. The ban on Ye’s account will only last for 24 hours, but additional actions will be taken if the violations continue to happen.

It wasn’t just Davidson who was targeted. One of Ye’s recent posts, which has since been deleted, was targeted at Daily Show host Trevor Noah. Other posts take shots at Davidson’s writing partner Dave Sirus and actor D.L. Hughley.

The latest outburst by Ye comes days after a leaked text exchange between him and Davidson was shared online. Since then, in a post that still remains, Ye shares his concern that “Skete” — the moniker the rapper has been using for Davidson — will get his “kids mom” hooked on drugs.

In the text thread, Davidson and Ye went back and forth with both suggesting places to meet up and resolve the dispute, though it would seem this has not taken place.

Ye had posted eight times today prior to the suspension which looks to have kicked in over 12 hours ago. It isn’t clear if this ban will have any impact, or if Ye will go back to his ways when his account is active once again.

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