Kap Slap Debuts “Felt This Good” Edit With New Video


Moving past his early work as a mashup artist colliding top 40 pop and EDM, Kap Slap has established himself as a forward thinking dance music producer with an ear for melody. In a new performance video, he’s taken on his recent single “Felt This Good” with M. Bronx to deliver a reworked production for the song.

The new video features a stripped down rendition of “Felt This Good” that tones down the dancefloor appeal for an intimate live performance. Gone are the bouncy synth hits and driving percussion in favor of a more refined approach to the song, driven by M. Bronx’s smooth tenor and gentle piano playing. The performance also features live electronic drums with Kap Slap strapping on an acoustic guitar.

Kap Slap‘s new approach to “Felt This Good” winds up feeling a bit purer than the original version, highlighting the gorgeous songwriting that was buried under all its production sheen.

Check out the video above and let us know what you think of the new rendition in the comments section.