Kap Slap Mashes Up Justin Bieber, The Chainsmokers And ODESZA


Despite first making a name for himself as a mashup/remix artist, Kap Slap has been steadily revitalizing his brand over the last year while putting his production skills to the test on efforts like his collaboration with M. Bronx on “Felt This Good.” While he’s quickly becoming known as a talented producer in his own right, Kap Slap has offered up a new mashup this week that will blow your mind.

As a mashup artist, Kap Slap’s forte has always been to merge top 40 pop with dance music trends, and his latest effort is no different as he combines The Chainsmokers’ “Closer,” Major Lazer’s “Cold Water” with Justin Bieber, Gnash’s “i hate you, i love you” and ODESZA’s “White Lies.” The result is an effortless merging of the aforementioned songs with a forward thinking sound, driven by a variety of catchy vocal takes layered over dreamy synths and upbeat rhythms.

While the mashup became a bit overused over the last several years, it’s great to see that there’s still some originality to be breathed into the genre, and Kap Slap definitely delivers with “I Love Closer Water.” The disparate tunes are expertly blended into a cohesive whole, and the new mashup is the perfect way to bring the weekend to a close.