Kaskade Gives Fans A Free Download With Call My Name


To thanks his fans for their “HUGE reaction” to the reveal of his upcoming album, Automatic, Kaskade has released “Call My Name” as a free download.

Though the song won’t show up on the actual disc, as it didn’t make the final cut, it’s still a solid track that gives us an idea of what kind of sound the legendary producer is going for with his upcoming effort.

Along with “Disarm You” and “Never Sleep Alone,” it’s pretty clear that Ryan has big ideas in store for his next full-length album, and given that we’ve loved what we’ve heard from it so far, we can’t wait to get our hands on the full thing.

“Call My Name” was made during the sessions held creating AUTOMATIC, my new full-length album,” said Kaskade. “While it didn’t make it onto the final cut, it’s a good way to lift the curtain and preview some sounds and ideas being experimented with at the time. Enjoy!”

Take a listen to “Call My Name” via the embed above and let us know what you think. Should it have made the cut on Kaskade‘s upcoming album? Sound off below!