Kaskade Serves Up Future Bass Remix Of Alicia Keys’ “In Common”


Kaskade appears to be suffering from a bout of musical ADD as of late. The “Atmosphere” producer made an unexpected departure from his usual style with last week’s “Jorts FTW,” and has returned to his future bass musings with a remix of Alicia Keys’ “In Common.”

The reimagining makes for a more characteristic Kaskade release – owing in no small part to Keys’ sensuous vocal top line. Upon listening to the remix, it occurs to me that the two artists ought to collaborate on a song in the more traditional sense.

However, referencing the source material reveals just how little the original track was actually changed. Aside from minor changes to the arrangement, the only noteworthy addition is the frequency-modulated bass line – and while Kaskade has certainly gotten better at producing those, it doesn’t differentiate the track enough to justify its own release.

Kaskade has dedicated his remix of Alicia Keys’ “In Common” to Colleen Burns – a longtime fan of his who tragically passed away during a visit to the Grand Canyon on July 8th. We Got This Covered offers our condolences to Burns’ family and friends during their time of grieving.