Krewella Deliver Their Poppiest Effort To Date With “Team”


2016 will be remembered as the year Krewella returned in full force. After the departure of Rain Man and a lengthy release hiatus after their debut album, EDM’s favorite sister act finally returned in the first half of the year with the Ammunition EP, followed suit by the accompanying Sweatbox tour and an eclectic remix pack. Now they’re back to offer up their latest effort, “Team.”

“Team” ranks as one of Krewella’s most accessible outings yet, driven by upbeat rhythms, feel good vibes and infectious melodies. The song kicks off with hand percussion loops and a subdued four bar chord progression as languid vocals take the lead. Moving into the drop, the song picks up speed with exotic melodies layered over kinetic drum patterns and offbeat synth plucks.

The accompanying music video for “Team” features a simple party concept, and we can see the Yousaf sisters surrounded by a cast of friends as they ride bikes around LA, splash around in a pool and take a joy ride on a sailboat.

Part of what helped Krewella to gain a foothold on dance music in the first place was their pop driven sound, but “Team” sees the sister duo offering up their catchiest vocal hooks to date. Taking a few cues from dance music’s most successful cross-over acts, the Yousaf sisters deliver an upbeat single with plenty of potential to take over the radio.