KSHMR Delivers Haunting Rendition Of Radiohead’s “Creep”


KSHMR has built a thriving brand around his electrifying big room productions, driving festival crowds into a frenzy with efforts like “Secrets” and the more recently released “Voices” with Will Sparks. However, the producer and DJ is shaking up expectations with his latest outing, a soaring rework of Radiohead‘s 1993 anthem “Creep.”

KSHMR kicks things off with an organic introduction, complete with ukulele strums and a saddening string section, before a female vocalist begins to sing the song’s iconic lyrics. Moving towards the chorus, the producer infuses deep bass swells and chopped up vocal melodies, transforming the well known tune into a gorgeous electronic ballad.

Considering that “Creep” has become one of the most covered songs in recent memory, KSHMR had no small task ahead of him with his re-imagining of Radiohead’s ode to social rejection. That being said, he proves himself worthy of the job by delivering a stunning rendition of the familiar song, infused with a somber electronic backdrop and some excellent vocals from an unnamed female collaborator. It’s definitely not something we were expecting, and the results are frankly mind blowing.

You can grab a free download of KSHMR‘s latest remix on SoundCloud; it can be found under the “more” tab.