Listen To KSHMR And Will Sparks’ New Collab “Voices”


After delivering his joint effort “Invisible Children” with Tigerlily at the beginning of the month, KSHMR is back with a new collaboration, this time teaming up with Melbourne bounce producer Will Sparks for a new single titled “Voices.” For their latest offering, Sparks and KSHMR manage to blend their usual styles to craft a unique production with a pleasing sound.

As the title suggests, “Voices” centers around a number of vocal samples expertly layered together to create a compelling atmosphere that draws the listener in. The new collaboration opens quietly, as Indian singing fills the speakers alongside a plucked synth sound. After rising snare rushes build up the tension, the song explodes into bouncy drops with an obvious Will Sparks vibe as staccato vocalizations collide between driving four on the floor rhythms and syncopated bass.

For their new collaboration, KSHMR and Will Sparks deliver an energetic dancefloor production that balances kinetic drum work with pleasing melodies and gorgeous chord progressions. Best off all, they’ve offered up “Voices” as a free download, so be sure to grab your own copy here.