KSHMR’s Tigerlily Collab Accused Of Plagiarism


KSHMR‘s recent collaboration with Australian DJ Tigerlily was hyped pretty heavily in the weeks leading up to its September 5 release, with the producer taking to social media on a few occasions to preview the then upcoming single. The track has only been out a few days and has already been climbing the Beatport charts, but KSHMR’s latest collab has found itself the center of some bad press following allegations of plagiarism over a similar track from Israeli artist Jango.

The controversy stems from a tune dubbed “IndiRasta” which was released four months ago by Jango and features the same vocal sample and what many feel is a similar bassline. Fans have taken to online forums to voice disapproval over the perceived plagiarism, landing KSHMR and Tigerlily in some hot water among some listeners.

You can compare the two songs below.

While the similarities seem a bit uncanny, the shared vocal sample can at least be written off to chance as it was pulled from the same sample pack by both artists. The bassline as well sounds nearly the same, but KSHMR has defended his production on social media, stating that any shared likeness is due to pure coincidence while maintaining that he was unaware of Jango’s song until the controversy came to light.

Jango has written the similarities off as coincidence as well, taking to the SoundCloud player for “IndiRasta” to state “it’s just a huge coincidence … the project was on my computer the whole time and no one stole it.” While the two songs have some definite parallels, it looks like the speculations of plagiarism are just that.

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