KSHMR Returns To Familiar Territory With “Wildcard”


If there’s one take home from KSHMR‘s latest track, it’s “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” The former member of The Cataracts kicked his solo career off on a favorable note with his 2014 Tiësto collaboration, “Secrets,” and after a few less impactful releases he’s returned to that sound with “Wildcard.”

The seductive vocals of Sidney Tipton serve a comparable role to those of Vassy in “Secrets,” with a more instrumental buildup leading up to a similar progressive house drop. Even the trumpeting synth lead of “Wildcard” makes for a similar ambience, although its production elements have certainly been updated to a significant degree.

That said, while “Wildcard” is a stronger track than KSHMR’s last couple of releases, its similarities to “Secrets” are numerous enough to count as a strike against it. As capable of a producer as he’s proven to be, it shouldn’t be so difficult for KSHMR to stray just a little bit farther from the tried-and-true formula with similar success.

The full version of KSHMR‘s “Wildcard” featuring Sidnie Tipton will be availabe through Musical Freedom Recordings on April 8th.