Lady Gaga Lets Down Her Hair

Today we get another new single from Lady Gaga‘s upcoming album, Born This Way. The track, called Hair, is produced by RedOne with Gaga getting the writing credit. In the song, she sings about her usual themes, such as being free, being an individual etc. Clarence Clemons of the E Street Band also makes an appearance, this marking the second track he’s worked on with Gaga. The first was The Edge Of Glory. This will likely be the last single we get since the album drops on May 23rd.

“‘Hair’ is a really amazing song,” Gaga recently told Ryan Seacrest. “It’s a club record, but it’s sort of got this Bruce Springsteen vibe to it. I actually had Clarence Clemons from the E Street Band come in and he played saxophone on the record. It’s really interesting because [we’re] putting saxophone on this really huge electronic record.”

In other Lady Gaga news, this weekend, the superstar became the first person on Twitter to hit 10 million followers. She sent out a celebratory tweet, thanking all her little monsters. Funny to think that just two years ago it was a big deal when Ashton Kutcher hit 1 million.