Maroon 5 Perform “Don’t Wanna Know” On The Voice


Maroon 5 has been quietly killing it with their new single, “Don’t Wanna Know.” Released this past October, the breezy summer pop song was a departure from the norm for the group, but it hasn’t stopped their success – currently, the track sits at number ten on both the Mainstream Top 40 and Billboard’s Hot 100. It’s also their 12th top ten single in their career, and to celebrate that, the band recently performed the song on frontman Adam Levine’s show that he’s a judge on, The Voice.

Surrounded by palm trees and minimal lighting, Maroon 5 tries their best to replicate the vibe visually that’s expressed throughout the tropical-house influenced song. Though rapper Kendrick Lamar contributes a verse to the studio version, he’s nowhere to be found in this performance … or the radio edit … or the music video, for that matter. Luckily, the song is actually better off without Lamar, because the radio edit bridge only featuring Levine fits the song much better.

This wasn’t the first time Maroon 5 performed “Don’t Wanna Know,” of course – they actually played it live before anyone even knew it was going to be a new single. This performance now, however, is much more tight and visually appealing, and if it’s a glimpse into what we can expect from stage set-up when they inevitably head back out on tour, we’ll surely be in for something great.