Marshmello Posts Picture Without Helmet Then Deletes It


Marshmello took to Instagram over the weekend to tease his mysterious identity once again, sharing a supposed image of himself sans helmet. The photo was only online for about a minute before being swiftly removed from the producer’s account, but not before one fan managed to grab a screenshot.

After the screenshot made its way around social media, many fans began to speculate that the man underneath the helmet in the image is one half of Bixel Boys, although it’s difficult to be certain from the low quality picture.

It’s not the first time in recent memory that Marshmello has teased his fans by removing his helmet, as the producer had previously trolled the audience at EDC Las Vegas when he took off the mello mask to reveal Tiësto underneath. While most fans these days have come to the conclusion that Chris Comstock of Dotcom is the man behind the Marshmello project, it’s always possible that there are multiple DJs touring under the helmet.

What do you think, though? Is Marshmello just toying with his fans, or did he accidentally reveal his identity?