Marshmello Unmasks Himself At EDC Las Vegas


The allure of the mystery producer has proven an effective marketing tactic for DJs, dating back to the masked robot appearance of Daft Punk that helped propel the French duo into superstardom. A number of other artists using the masked DJ model have surfaced over the last few years as well, but none more notably than Marshmello, who swept dance music fans up with his sugary brand of future bass.

Over the weekend at EDC Las Vegas, Marshmello appeared before the massive crowd during his set, who were stunned as he began to remove his now famous helmet. However, when the DJ unmasked himself, it was revealed that the iconic Dutch producer Tiësto was the man underneath.

The internet has come to a general consensus over the last few months that Marshmello is none other than Dotcom, and it’s safe to say that this is most definitely a troll move on Tiësto’s part. Still, it was a pretty hilarious moment, one which poked fun at the whole masked DJ concept in a very funny way.

Source: We Rave You