Martin Garrix And Julian Jordan Go Hard On “Welcome”


Martin Garrix is back with his fifth release out of seven total for ADE week, this time teaming up with Julian Jordan for his latest single “Welcome.” We’ve already heard plenty of great things over this week, ranging from the Avicii influenced “Hold On And Believe” and “Spotless” with Jay Hardway, but the Dutch producer’s latest collaboration has something different to offer up.

“Welcome” features a unique production with a cinematic vibe, opening with suspenseful string plucks and muted bass tones that create an enticing soundscape. Driving beats and a cacophony of bass synths suddenly enter the mix, contrasting the ambient opener with distorted electronics and intense rhythms. This section drops out as suddenly as it was introduced though, making way for a haunting pad and wavering melody as Garrix and Julian Jordan subtly work the energy back up, leading into one last drop.

With its dynamic sound that ranges from hushed atmospheric sections to electrifying drops, it wouldn’t be hard to imagine “Welcome” as the soundtrack to an explosive action sequence in a film. There’s still a heavy dance edge to the tune but it sounds rather unlike the bulk of Garrix‘s output up to this point, which makes for an intriguing listen.