Martin Garrix Unveils Another Track With “Hold On And Believe”


As Amsterdam Dance Event continues on without a hitch, the passing of each day means we have a new release from Martin Garrix to enjoy. The Dutch DJ announced before the start of the festival that he would be releasing a track a day for an entire week, and he hasn’t disappointed us yet. So far we’ve heard his new Jay Hardway collaboration, as well as “WIEE” and “Sun Is Going Down.” Today, Garrix has dropped his fourth new single with “Hold On And Believe,” featuring The Federal Empire.

“Hold On And Believe” opens with a warbled chord progression as The Federal Empire provide some memorable vocal melodies. The instruments are stripped away to make room for a lone motif before building back the momentum with rising snare hits. The drops take a page out of Avicii’s book pounding house beats beneath a bubbly synth lead as it plays out an uplifting melody, providing the perfect backdrop for one of Garrix’s mainstage performances.

With some excellent vocal contributions from The Federal Empire and an accessible production complete with earworm melodies, Martin Garrix delivers another solid effort with “Hold On And Believe.”