Martin Garrix Talks About The Spinnin’ Records Split In New Interview


Love him or hate him, you gotta hand it to Martin Garrix for taking the high road in regards to his split with Spinnin’ Records. The progressive house superstar recently sat down with Dutch music outlet FaceCulture for an interview in which he covered a broad range of topics, and when Spinnin’ came up he handled the questions with respectable tact.

The bulk of the interview dealt with Garrix’s creative process as a producer and how various factors might have affected it, and at one point the interviewer asked if he saw more creative freedom following his discontinued business relationship with the label. Garrix replied:

“I have no bad words to say about anybody who works at the music side of Spinnin’. It was mainly the contracts which got us stuck and was the reason of our split. Music wise, the people who are there are in it for the music and I always had 100% freedom to do what I wanted to do and try what I was feeling…I think every producer should not stay in a box and get to do what they feel like.”

“Contracts which got us stuck” is sure a nice way of saying that his former manager and Spinnin’ label head Eelko Van Kouten took advantage of his lack of industry experience while he was only 16 years old. Given that he dropped the allegations against his former manager after negotiations resulted in him eventually owning all of his releases on the label outright, though Garrix’s diplomatic attitude is probably the best course of action from a legal standpoint.

Aside from Spinnin’ drama, Martin Garrix‘s interview shed a lot of light on him as an EDM artist. Click on the YouTube player above to watch it in its entirety.