Martin Garrix Drops Lawsuit Against Spinnin’ Records


After a messy split with his label Spinnin’ Records, Martin Garrix filed a lawsuit against them, hoping to retain exclusive rights to his music. Now, however, it seems that an agreement between the two parties has been reached, as the producer has dropped the lawsuit, stating that Spinnin’ has transferred the rights back to him.

You can check out his full statement below:

Dear all,

I hereby inform you that I have withdrawn the summary proceedings against Spinnin Records (kort geding) of 3 December 2015.

As a result of further negotiations, Spinnin Records has transferred ownership rights of my music back to me, which was the main goal of the summary proceedings. I will grant Spinnin Records an exclusive license (for a limited period) for the tracks that were released by Spinnin Records until August 2015.

The remaining differences of opinion between parties will most probably be subject of further legal proceedings. In the meantime parties will keep trying to resolve this matter amicably.

Best regards,

Martijn Garritsen

With plans to start his own label, and tons of new music in the pipeline, it’s nice to see that the young DJ will be able to put this whole thing behind him. We’ll of course keep you posted if anything further develops on the matter, but for now, it looks like this will be the last we hear of Martin Garrix‘s lawsuit against Spinnin’ Records.