Mau5trap Teases “Strobe” Remix EP For 100th Release


Mau5trap are teasing their upcoming 100th release with a mysterious social media post, pointing towards a remix EP dedicated to deadmau5’s classic progressive house anthem “Strobe.” The post depicts an iTunes window with the presumed tracklist, with a number of .wav files listed. The image is difficult to read, but fans are already speculating as to its contents, with titles like “bo55 mix,” “8 mix” and “little green man mix” giving us a clue towards the final product.

There’s no confirmation yet as to what will surface on mau50100, but the evidence thus far would seem to point towards remixes from deadmau5 himself, Feed Me’s rework, Lane 8 and BlackGummy. Users on the subreddit dedicated to deadmau5 have postulated theories about who will appear on the EP, and you can check out the speculated tracklist below.

1. Deadmau5
2. Feed Me
3. Com Truise
4. ?
5. Lane 8
6. Rezz? ATTLAS? .___.
7. BlackGummy
8. Monstergetdown
9. ^
10. Oliver Winters

An official release date for mau5trap‘s upcoming effort has yet to be confirmed, but stay tuned for more updates as they become available.