Moving Mountains To Release New EP In April

I guess it’s true that all good bands come from New York. Hailing from Westchester, Moving Mountains plays a unique brand of ambient indie rock that can lean more towards post-rock fury in the vein of Thrice and Thursday. Their 2011 album Waves was an extraordinary release, and it deserves a listen from anyone who enjoys any type of rock music.

On the heels of the hugely acclaimed Waves, Moving Mountains is set to release an EP titled New Light on April 24. Rather than spoil us with new tunes, the band is instead rerecording a few old songs as acoustic or other various re-interpretations. Tracks will be pulled from Waves and their 2007 debut Pneuma. Greg Dunn, frontman of the band, said this about the EP:

We knew we wanted to try something different, but didn’t want to explore those options on a new full length, or new songs. The majority of demos we had written for Waves were actually acoustic, and took on a new life when introduced in the studio (and at practice.) This EP allowed us to re-approach songs that were initially envisioned differently, as well as give us an opportunity to try new things.

Be sure to pick up New Light either digitally or on vinyl when it comes out on April 24. For those of you who haven’t already, give Waves a listen and let us know how excited you are for New Light in the comments below!

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