Mysteryland USA To Go 18+ Next Year


Mysteryland USA‘s organizers have announced that the Bethel Woods, New York festival will no longer be a 21+ affair in 2016. The decision follows a move away from Labor Day Weekend for the 2016 edition as well as the subsequent appointment of Sebastian Solano as CEO of Mysteryland USA promoter ID&T’s stateside branch by its parent company, SFX Entertainment.

More importantly, the policy change highlights a fundamental difference in how lawmakers perceive electronic music events on the East and West Coasts. HARD Day of the Dead was famously required to tighten its belt and refuse entry to anyone under 21 after the unfortunate deaths of attendees Tracy Nguyen and Katie Dix at HARD Summer, adding to the speckled history of SoCal lawmakers’ relationship with rave promoters.

Nonetheless, the Holy Ground campgrounds will continue to uphold a 21+ policy, meaning that attendees between 18 and 21 will only be allowed access to the festival grounds proper.

After the turn of the year, it’s safe to expect Mysteryland USA‘s organizers to begin making lineup announcements, so check back frequently for further updates.