Nero Doubles Up With Two Minds


It’s always a good day when Nero‘s got new material, and seeing as how they’ve got a new album coming up, the days have been good indeed. The UK trio turned heads with the announcement of their sophomore album, Between II Worlds, and the tracks they’ve released since have done well to stoke their eager fanbase. In case the buzz was starting to die down, they’ve rolled out another quality piece of music in the form of “Two Minds.”

This latest taste of Nero’s updated sound exhibits a twinge of future house – not enough to garner the staunch disapproval some critics have given it, but enough to keep it relevant amid the current house music resurgence. As always, Alana Watson’s crisp vocals accompany the contemplative progressions.

With only a little over a month until the release of Between II Worlds by Nero, we’d like to know – will you be looking forward to more of the album?