The New Deadmau5 Album Is Done

deadmau5-rukes-2 (1)

It’s been two years since deadmau5 released his last album, while(1<2), a record that saw the Canadian producer pushing the envelope of his signature sound with a sprawling two disc release. Anticipation for a follow up has been running high for a while now, with deadmau5 unleashing a number of enticing tunes in his live streams over the last several months and dropping his stunning new Kaskade collaboration “Beneath With Me.” With so much good material waiting to be released, the legions of mau5 fans have grown a bit impatient for his eighth LP.

During one of his recent aforementioned live streams on Twitch, deadmau5 revealed that the full album is complete and is currently being sent to various press outlets for early review.

So we gave the album out today to a couple of press dudes. A friend of ours is writing up a thing about it and said it was a pretty good. I was kind of taken aback by that. I didn’t really like it that much.

We’ve already heard some grumblings from deadmau5 on Twitter about how he doesn’t think the album is good, but considering the music we’ve heard surface from him over the last year, we have a feeling he’s being too hard on himself.

We still don’t have a drop date set in stone, but speculative reports have hinted at a possible November release. We’ll definitely be on the lookout for this one, so stay tuned until more information becomes available. Until then, you can give a listen to “Hyperlandia” and “Analogical” to get geared up for the forthcoming album.