New Instagram video shows Drake getting emotional during Kanye West’s recent ‘Runaway’ performance

A new video is making the rounds on Instagram, in which Drake appears to be getting emotional during Ye’s (formerly Kanye West) recent concert performance of “Runaway,” in which he changed up the lyrics to specifically plead with ex-wife Kim Kardashian to run right back to him.

We’ll leave it up to you to decide whether Drake actually looks like he’s legitimately tearing up or if he just has a very glossy-looking gaze at that moment, but it’s still kind of a neat behind-the-scenes tidbit nonetheless, courtesy of an Instagram post by DJ Akademiks.

This all went down at the Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum earlier this month, in which former longtime rivals Drake and West put aside their differences to both contribute to the cause, performing songs on stage together.

The concert was noted for Kardashian actually being in attendance at the time, and for Ye switching up the lyrics as what appeared to be a direct appeal to her: “I need you to run right back to me…More specifically… Kimberly.”

That scene was captured in this newly-surfaced video, though we don’t see Drake’s reaction at the pivotal moment since it cuts away to Kanye on stage. But in the few seconds immediately leading up to the improvisation, Drake seemed enraptured.

The clip reportedly originated from Kerwin Frost’s recap of the Larry Hoover concert shows, according to the HipHopDX account.