What So Not’s “Divide & Conquer” Gets The Noisia Treatment


What So Not kept a busy release schedule throughout the summer with tracks like the George Maple featured “Buried” and “Feel It” with GTA, both of which were topped off with the Aussie DJ’s latest EP Divide & Conquer. The EP came packed with a slew of forward thinking trap productions, most notably on the title track with its grungy synths and hard hitting rhythms. Now, Noisia are taking on “Divide & Conquer” with their own remix, which was played out at a performance during ADE and has now surfaced on SoundCloud in the form of a live rip.

The live rip gives us a full preview of the new “Divide & Conquer” remix and we’re definitely excited by what we hear. What So Not’s wonky trap production from the original single is transformed into a blistering drum and bass workout as Noisia juxtapose the crunchy synths against clanking breakbeats. The sinister bassline fits the dnb sound perfectly, providing plenty of dancefloor bite as sirens wail on in the background.

Noisia‘s distinctive fingerprints are all over the “Divide & Conquer” rework and fans are sure to be satisfied with the results. Though we just have a live rip to hold us over at this point, the new flip hints at the enticing possibility of a larger remix pack for What So Not’s single.

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