Oliver Heldens Unveils HI-LO Alias And Heldeep Label With Renegade Mastah


In an apparent effort to prove that slow reveals are still the best way to stay relevant, Oliver Heldens has announced that he is the mastermind behind bass house outfit HI-LO (perhaps so named because HI-LO backwards and spaced differently is “OLI H”).

Last month’s “Crank It Up” drew plenty of exposure to the project already, and in conjunction with the announcement of Heldens’ own Heldeep record label, the teaser for a new HI-LO hit comes in the form of “Renegade Mastah.”

And what a refreshing surprise it is to hear a track like this from Heldens. A nostalgic breakbeat intro builds up to a stoney, dissonant bass house groove, all of which accompany an aggressive vocal sample that injects some visceral testosterone into the production. Metallic clanging adds to the atmosphere of the track, which seems poised to capitalize on the house music resurgence that’s taken the world by storm in recent years. As for the official release of the track, it’s slated for July 20th through Heldeep.

Tell us, after hearing the snippet above, has Oliver Heldens‘ brand-new label earned your business? Let us know why or why not in the comments section below.